They Shall Beat Their Swords for mezzo soprano and ensemble ('Sura el Rakhman')

from by Oded Zehavi



(from Program Notes by the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Virginia, USA, November 15, 2010)
Inspired by traditional recitations from Qur'an Surah 55:
Surah el-Rakhman (The Beneficent, The Mercy Giving)
Yusuf Ali Translation
1. (Allah) Most Gracious!
2. It is He Who has the Qur'an.
3. He has created man:
4. He has taught him speech (and intelligence).
5.The sun and the moon follow courses (exactly) computed;
6. And the herbs and the trees - both (alike) bow in adoration.

The composition, recording and premiere of 'They Shall Beat Their Swords' was co-sponsored by The University of Virginia Office of International Programs, the Arts and Sciences Special Lectures Fund, the Department of Religious Studies and its graduate program in 'Scripture, Interpetation, and Practice."
November, 2010


from Songs of Experience, bc 1, track released August 1, 2011
Michal Okon; mezzo soprano
Shira Ben-Yoshua; oboe
Adiel Schmidt; cello
Karen Phenpimon; vibraphone, gongs
Yaron Rosenthal; piano

Recorded at Eshel Sound Studios, Tel Aviv Israel. Recording engineer: Rafi Eshel



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Oded Zehavi Israel

Oded Zehavi, composer, is active in a wide variety of musical styles
(pop/rock arrangements, soundtracks, electronic, chamber and orchestral music)
and is renowned for his vocal scores and textual affinity for classics of Hebrew literature.
His music has been premiered by a number of prominent musicians including
Zubin Mehta, Valery Gergiev, Marek Janowsky, Antonio Pappano and David Robertson.
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